TATO: Biomedical new microwave ablator

TATO is the new microwave thermal ablation system engineered by Biomedical to perform cancer treatments in day hospital. Due to the local temperature increase, the innovative microwave technique allows the physician to operate damaged tissues using minimally invasive and targeted treatments. Differently from what happens with traditional RF systems, microwaves heat cells homogenously without being, influenced neither by tissue conditions nor by the presence of a near blood vessel.
In this way, interventional radiologists are able to estimate the ablation outcome and, as a result, to plan their operation with high precision and accuracy.

By using TATOpro applicators, the thinnest available in the market, it is possible to treat liver, kidney, lung, breast, thyroid, bone neoplasia, reducing bleeding phenomena and post-procedural pain. In particular, 18G TATOpro is the only applicator that allows the physician to operate on the prostate.

Six reasons why to choose TATO, the thermal microwave ablator

Safe, precise and without side effects

Because of the microwave thermal ablation system, TATO guarantees a spherical-shaped lesion to the physician, reducing the risk of damaging healthy tissues surrounding the tumor. TATO minimizes energy loss distributed by the generator; with no losses, generators are able to work also on low power and an ablation procedure does not cause the side effects associated to more elevate powers such as comet effect, charring and vaporization.

An alternative to surgical removal of the cancer

TATO is the only equipment able to use up to four applicators at once, with a generator only. In a 15-minute treatment, interventional radiologists can operate either on a five or more centimeter neoplasia or on four metastasis, in order to avoid surgical removal. In this way, it will also be possible to treat inoperable patients.

Synergic cancer treatments

TATOpro applicators, the only ones provided with an extractable stylet, are ideal for local chemotherapy drug injection, in support of the thermal ablation treatment. By using TATOpro applicators, it is now possible to synergically combine an ablation treatment and a local chemotherapy.

Fighting cancer in day hospital

TATO performs minimally invasive treatments in day hospital, even on frail patients that cannot be undergone to a surgical operation. By choosing TATO, it will be possible to reduce operative mortality and hospitalization periods in addition to save operation costs.

Easy to use and place under CT scan

Considering the small siza and the mobile cart, TATO is light to move and comfortable to use. In order to allow the physician to easily put the applicator even under CT scan, TATOpro applicators have a detachable power cable.



Performing thyroid, prostate and liver thermal ablation

18G TATOpro are the thinnest applicators in the market that allow performing thermal ablation treatments even on thyroid, prostate and liver. The latter, a difficult organ to treat subjected to abundant bleeding.