TATO is the first microwave multi-applicator system for thermal ablation entirely produced by Biomedical. TATO is the acronym for Thermal Ablation Treatments for Oncology.

Biomedical choose to develop a microwave ablation system since microwaves spread in a circular motion through all tissue types and non-metal materials, water vapor and organs containing air (such as lungs, bones, prostate) are included. Operating with a microwave thermal ablator is more comfortable and easier for the physician who does not have to put any return electrode on the patient’s cutis.

Due to microwaves, the physician can plan any operation in a very precise manner, even when he operates on bones, lungs and metastasis near big blood vessels.

Differently, radio frequency energies (RF) may cause problems in spreading current flow.
This is because radio frequency may be considerably influenced by different kinds of tissue, different tissue conditions – as dehydration and charring – and presence of big blood vessels near the treated area. Radio frequency does not allow any treatment on organs containing air (lungs, bones, prostate).

TATO is a multi-applicator system since it allows using up to four applicators at a time with only a generator.

TATO is not the first microwave multi-applicator ablation system in the world, but it is the first one having a Switch able to synchronize up to four applicators, allowing the interventional radiologist to treat a five or more centimeter neoplasia or up to four metastasis, during a 15-minute session.

Until not long ago, in case of a 6-cm diameter tumor or in presence of four or more lesions, physicians had to surgically remove it or make a hepatic transplant. Today TATO multi-applicator technology allows operating using microwaves even in complex clinical cases.

TATO’s performances are such as to obtain a 30 cm3 or more ablation volume during a 10-minute therapy by using only 30W. Bigger volumes can be obtained by taking advantage of the combined effect between the power Switch and the TATOpro in a multi-applicator session. The wide range of available products also allows an ablation even in much reduced volumes (about 2 cm3). This can be possible thanks to the 18G TATOpro engineered to be used on the prostate and on the thyroid.

Due to the Watt Efficaci™ technology, TATO does not need a probe cooling system. Other thermal ablators in the market need a cooling system to limit treatment side effects such as comet effect, charring and vaporization.

The Watt Efficaci™ technology, engineered and introduced by Biomedical, reduces insomuch the power loss that TATO does not need a cooling system. Competitors’ equipment loses most of the distributed power between the distances covered from the generator to the antenna. This determines high heat losses that are very damaging for the patient and limited by an uncomfortable and bulky cooling system.

You do not need any particular assistance since TATO software is already installed in the equipment.  A touchscreen interface will allow the physician to configure TATO in few minutes thanks to a guided procedure, by selecting surgery duration and power distribution.

Of course, yes. TATO is not bulky; it is light and provided with wheels. Therefore, all medical personnel can easily move it.

The interventional radiologist is a physician specialized both in mini-invasive surgery procedures and in echography technique. He carries out all ablative operations under ultrasound guidance.  The operation is performed either in day hospital or in Interventional and Oncology Radiology Department.

According to 93/42 CEE Directive on medical devices (DDM 93/42) in force in all EU States, TATO falls into II-B class while TATOpro falls into II-A class.


TATOpro applicators are the latest generation of applicators by Biomedical to induce microwaves in thermal ablation treatable neoplasia.

  • They are the thinnest applicators in the market (up to 18G), which allow the physician to treat liver, kidney, lung, breast, prostate and bone neoplasia, reducing bleeding and post-procedural pain.


  • 11-14-17G TATOpro applicators are available in the extractable stylet version, which allows the direct injection of chemotherapy drugs.
    By virtue of TATOpro, the physician can set up a synergic treatment (both thermal ablation and chemotherapy drug injection).


  • TATOpro applicators have detachable cables, so that the physician can easily place the applicator under CT scan too.

Biomedical offers its clients four applicators; each of them provides a specific solution for any different thermal ablation treatment:

•    11G TATOpro is indicated in intraoperative thermal ablation treatments, in case of irremovable lesion caused by the invasion of the hollow vein.
•    14G TATOpro is indicated to treat bone metastasis.
•    The 17G version allows a percutaneous ablation treatment in hepatic neoplasia, limiting bleedings and hemorrhage risks.
•    Biomedical exclusivity 18G TATOpro allows performing thermal ablation surgery on thyroid and prostate for the first time. This is possible due to the perfect compatibility of echography probes.

Using TATO, you will be able to manage up to four applicators at once, setting time and power procedure even during an ablation in progress. Furthermore, the physician can use the ultrasound monitoring feedback to make real-time changes in the ablation shape.

Because of the detachable power cable, TATOpro can be easily placed under CT scan. The physician will be therefore facilitated to operate without any obstruction.

In order to facilitate the physician to lie the patient down, the applicators can be unhooked from the cables. This feature optimizes the treated area control and facilitates placing the applicator under CT guidance.

In order to guarantee a maximum-security level to both the physician and the patient, TATOpro applicators are sterile and mono-patient.