The microwave thermal ablation system of Biomedical

TATO is the first microwave multi-applicator ablation system able to work even without a cooling system, avoiding the generation of side effects.
The equipment is provided with a touchscreen software interface that allows interventional radiologists to set up the system by selecting surgery duration and power distribution in few minutes. The physician can either suspend the operation or regulate the procedure time and power even during an ablation in progress. The ablation shape is adapted to real-time visual feedback from the ultrasound images.

Further information on TATO features can be found in the FAQ session



Versions avaiable


TATO1 is available in the complete version including:

the TATO control unit with pre-installed software, wire harness (power cable, coaxial cable, data cable), the switch unit with its switch support and couplings, the cart with handle, whose wheels have a blocking system, the plastic case for documents and the cable holder.