The thinnest applicator in the market, for thyroid and prostate too.

TATOpro applicators are the latest generation of applicators by Biomedical to treat neoplasia by the use of microwave technology. TATOpro are covered with Teflon, a material that makes them echogenic, self-lubricant and non-sticky.
There are four TATOpro versions from which you can choose:

  • 11G TATOpro to perform intraoperative ablation treatments, in case of irremovable lesions.
  • 14G TATOpro to perform bone cancer treatments.
  • 17G TATOpro to operate hepatic tumors with a percutaneous ablation treatment.
  • 18G TATOpro to perform ablation treatments on thyroid and prostate. It is the thinnest applicator in the market.


Further information on TATOpro features can be found in the FAQ session



Versions avaiable

Type Size Pack. C. Code
TTP 11G15 cm 1 White
TTP 14G15 cm 1 Dark Green
TTP 14G20 cm 1 Dark Green
TTP 17G15 cm 1 Red Violet
TTP 17G20 cm 1 Red Violet
TTP 18G15 cm 1 Pink
TTP 18G20 cm 1 Pink
TTP 18G25 cm 1 Pink

Availables in the following variants :

  • Applicator with cable: - Straight cable jacks - Right angle cable plug
  • Applicator without cable
  • With stylet

14G and 17G applicators can have the stylet with luer lock.